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Articles README

This folder includes all articles, papers, and so on that have been created for Cosmos Cash.

Each folder represents all of the materials and assets for a single article, including bibliographies, images, and so on. The papers themselves are written in Markdown. The Markdown files can then be published in various formats using Pandoc.

For publishing to PDF format, we use this Eisvogel LaTeX template to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Technical Setup

Set up your environment to manage and publish articles.



  • Create a folder with a self-explanatory name for the article
  • Add your content to the folder as needed.
  • Add the following front matter to the top of the Markdown document and customize as needed:
title: "My title"
subtitle: "My sub title"
author: [Joe Smith]
date: "Publish date"
mainfont: Inter # Default Tendermint font
fontsize: 10pt
subject: "Cosmos Cash"
keywords: []
lang: "en"
book: true
titlepage: true
titlepage-background: ""
classoption: [oneside]
page-background: "../backgrounds/BackgroundTendermint.pdf"
footer-left: "footer"
header-left: "header"
footer-right: "footer"
header-right: "header"
  • To create a new report, run the make buildmd from the top-level directory NOTE: This build process is under development and won't work for the moment!!
  • To clean outputs, run make clean.