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Explanation Documentation

How to use the Cosmos Cash Explanation Documentation.


This section contains Explanation documentation for Cosmos Cash. This content is intended to help readers with their understanding of Cosmos Cash and related topics. It is intended to be discursive, thoughtful, interesting, and occasionally educational. The content includes analysis and review of alternative approaches.

For further background information please see the ADR relating to the documentation structure.


The scope and structure of the Explanation documentation follows this layout.


Topics are discursive documents that explore some particular feature or theme. For example, an article might investigate Decentralised Identity Documents or Self-Sovereign Identity.

To contribute, create a folder in topics with a self-descriptive name. Add your content as needed.


The Presentations file describes and links to presentations about Cosmos Cash at various events. Presentations also include YouTube videos, podcasts, interviews, and so on.

Architecture Decisions Records (ADRs)

ADRs are the mechanism for contributors to raise design proposals. In turn, the ADRs explain for subsequent contributors the rationale behind Cosmos Cash design and implementation. For example, ADR 002: Documentation Structure explains why the Cosmos Cash documentation structure was chosen.

See the Architecture Decision Records (ADR) README file for more details about how to raise and propose an ADR.


This folder contains all articles relating to Cosmos Cash, includes papers, blog posts, and so on. For details, see Articles README.


The explanation content includes articles, topics, and so on, and also includes discussion on relevant channels, including Pull Requests and Issues. Important Pull Requests are listed in this document.

Future: Cosmos Cash currently doesn't have a Discord or Telegram Channel. When we do, the links will be added here as well


  • The Explanation content should be dry, clear, and terse in style.
  • All documentation is written following Google Documentation Best Practice
  • Autogenerate documentation from the code whenever possible.
  • Raise a PR for all documentation changes
  • Follow our Code of Conduct